The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSCNS)'s mission is to bring together nonprofit and voluntary organizations to ensure they can effectively meet the needs of all of Nova Scotia’s communities and citizens. The CSCNS works collaboratively to find innovative solutions to emerging and existing sectoral issues. The CSCNS, itself, is one of a network of 13 Sector Councils designated by the Government of Nova Scotia.

Our Priorities

Educate & Innovate

Provide the tools, skills and knowledge to increase the capacity of existing and newly forming small- and medium-size nonprofit and voluntary organizations province-wide and ensure they build a flexible and diverse workforce that will thrive in today’s innovative digital economy.

Collaborate & Activate

Facilitate, support and activate connections across networks and encourage continued and new collaborations between nonprofits, the government and private sectors, in order to inspire systems-change, and to build an inclusive, sustainable, healthy and prosperous Nova Scotia.

Advocate & Celebrate

Lead, champion, celebrate, give voice to, and advocate for, the sector.
We heard from the sector that they want to see the CSCNS play a part in ensuring that the sector is heard, valued and supported in policy and practice, particularly in times of uncertainty and disruption.


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COVID-19 Resources

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