Announcing a New Nova Scotia Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Employee & Family Assistance Program

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Pricing for the CSCNS EFAP program
$1.39/ person / month

This is a family price, children until the age of 21 or 25 if they are still in school.
Common-in-law and same sex partners are included

These are uncertain and stressful times for the 20,000 paid staff and the 51% of the population who volunteer in the nonprofit and voluntary sector in the Province. For many of us, demands for services are increasing while funding is unpredictable. Everyone in our organizations and in their families are facing challenges. Many nonprofit and voluntary organizations have not been able to provide an employee and family assistance program (EFAP).

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSCNS) is delighted to be working with AspiriaNew Ground Financial Inc. to address this gap. Click here for a description of this program. Any nonprofit in the province can provide this to their staff and volunteers for $16.68 for a year per person. Please take advantage of free membership in the CSCNS and sign up to express your interest in this program. If we get 5,000 individuals signed up by October 1st we can offer the program for this remarkable price.


Ready to find out more?

Visit the EFAP page to learn more about this program and fill out the Expression of Interest form before October 1st!

If you would like to learn more we will have a webinar on September 24th at 10:00 am where representatives from Aspiria will describe the program and what is offered. We will also post the recording of the webinar on our website.

We recognize and celebrate the resilience of the sector and at the same time acknowledge what difficult times these are and want to work together with you in mutual support so you can continue to serve your clients and fulfill your missions. Everyone wins.

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