Information and Resources to Combat Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia

As an organization whose mission is to bring together nonprofit and voluntary organizations to ensure they can effectively meet the needs of all of Nova Scotia’s communities and citizens and whose core values include "inclusion, equity, & diversity", we cannot ignore the impact that Anti-Black Racism has had - and still has to this day - on communities and individuals in our province. On June 1st we shared a statement in solidarity of our Black colleagues, partners, and collaborators and announcing our commitment to speaking out against racism.

Now what?

As allies, we are striving to educate ourselves as individuals and as an organization on the history of Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia and how we can help combat that racism here at home. Below, we have provided a list of resources and information which we are consulting to help us do this work. These resources include:

  • Information on Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia - both historical and present-day;
  • Organizations and Programs that are doing anti-racist work in our Province which you can support today; and
  • Training, Education, and Recommended actions for Organizations to take to make their workplaces anti-racist.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, if you are aware of additional information that should be on this list please let us know by emailing us at

Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia

Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia


How You Can Help Anti-Racist Efforts in Nova Scotia

How to Support Anti-Racist work in Nova Scotia

Organizations to support

The African Nova Scotian Decade for People of African Descent Coalition exists to support people of African ancestry to navigate many issues facing them.  Please check out this website and reach out to find out how we can collectively stop anti-Black racism.  Every nonprofit in Nova Scotia can reach out and change the culture of our workspaces so we can have a better understanding and education about the struggles that people of African ancestry go through and have gone through for over 400 years.  We can also as individuals look deep inside ourselves and think about how we can become an ally and feel a little uncomfortable in supporting great causes to assert the rights of people of African ancestry.

Delmore "Buddy" Daye Learning Institute - As an Africentric Institute, the DBDLI creates educational change and genuine opportunities for learners and communities of African ancestry to reach their full potential.

Black Business Initiative - The BBI is committed to growing a stronger Black presence in Nova Scotia’s business community; acting as a catalyst for job creation, equitable participation and advancing the economic prosperity of Nova Scotia.

Solidarity Halifax - Their Anti-Racism Committee works in solidarity with people in Halifax communities who experience racism and colonialism, in particular, African Nova Scotian and Indigenous peoples. Some examples include Working While Black, a collaborative project on anti-Black racism in the workplace, and their campaign against police street checks.

The Nova Scotia Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) - ABSW offers educational and community based programs ranging from clinical counselling to professional development. ABSW conducts awareness sessions on social issues such as: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Gambling, Parenting Bi-racial/Black Children, Palliative Care etc

The Africville Heritage Trust - The Africville Heritage Trust was established specifically to manage the Africville Memorial Project, including the Museum and the Africville Interpretive Centre.

Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia - Established in 1983, to Protect, Preserve and Promote the history and culture of African Nova Scotians. The Centre is a museum and cultural gathering place, where the rich history of Nova Scotians of African Descent can be discovered and explored.

Black Loyalist Heritage Society - One of Canada’s best kept secrets, the largest free Black settlement in the 1780’s where people voted with their feet for freedom. This unique historical site is nestled in beautiful Birchtown Bay on the western shores of Shelburne Harbour, the third largest natural harbour in the world.

VANSDA - Their mission is to improve the quality of life for African Nova Scotians and other citizens in the Annapolis Valley by creating Partnerships in Employment, Training and Economic Development. VANSDA's focus is on increasing employment opportunities for marginalized and other community members.

Black Educators Association - The Black Educators Association (BEA) was founded in 1969 to assist African Nova Scotian communities develop strategies toward an equitable education system.

African Nova Scotian Affairs - African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA) works with government and the African Nova Scotian community to enhance cultural understanding and assist in the delivery of services that meet the unique needs of African Nova Scotians. It is the connecting point to the community, promoting African Nova Scotian priorities and bringing people together to share in cultural experiences.

Resources and Training to Build Anti-Racist Organizational Practice

Resources for Organizational Change

Recommended actions for your organization

Anti-Racist Organizational Training