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Top Facts About the Nonprofit Sector


We are Mission driven. Instead of generating profit for shareholders, we reinvest surpluses back into our organizations for the betterment of our communities and clients.

We are a Major Employer. The sector in Nova Scotia employs over 20,000 people and has over 6,000 organizations ranging in size from 1-4 to over 100 paid staff, some nonprofits with a yearly budget of over $2.5million.

We Give Back. We provide a range of services and programs including supports for youth, immigrants, families and seniors, culture and recreation, education, people living in poverty or facing domestic violence, health, housing, the environment and more!

We are Entrepreneurial. One-third of nonprofits operate an entrepreneurial business or nonprofit social enterprise. Some sell good and services, while others do training, catering, consulting, digital design, recycling or provide hospitality services.

We Need Talented Graduates.

The sector needs talent, undergraduates and graduate students from all disciplines and of all ages. You have valuable skills and knowledge to contribute!

We Contribute Greatly to the Economy.

Together, small and medium-sized non-profits in Nova Scotia contribute $1 billion of Gross Domestic Product every year, similar to the contributions of the accommodations, food sector and utilities sectors.

We are Diverse.

Our sector is diverse! Non-profits hire significantly more people from Acadian, Black Nova Scotians and newcomer communities. Inclusion, social justice and equity are values that are top priorities for many nonprofits and many work in areas that promote outcomes that create more equality. Almost 70% of the leaders in nonprofits are women.


We have lots of Opportunities.

Leaders of nonprofits are aging, and our sector will face succession challenges and will need to fill senior leadership positions. That means there are many opportunities to grow and step into leadership to advance your vision and values.

We offer Cluster Employment.

You can be hired by two or three nonprofits in what is called cluster employment and get a good salary, job stability and benefits. On top of that, you get to work with different organizations to see how they work and what they do.

Three Reasons Why
People Love Working in the Nonprofit Sector


Make a real difference in an organization that is accountable for outcomes and IMPACTS!

Nonprofits provide room to learn and grow at a rapid pace


Nonprofits are values driven and have healthy work culture

Cara, We Are Young

I love that I get to do what I love every single day, and that is to help people. Now, because I followed my passions, I was able to co-found an organization that brings me so much joy, and is so rewarding that I couldn’t imagine not being a part of it. Working in the non-profit sector is hard work, but the community you build within that network is everlasting and our team are all-stars in my eyes.

Cara Chisholm (she/her) - Co-Founder, We Are Young (WAY)

Tyler, Inspiring Communities

“What draws me to work in nonprofits are the other forms of reward and recognition – not just money, prestige, or status, it’s very much about envisioning a better world – I really think if you want to be contributing to a more just and harmonious society, a co-creation of something better than we currently have, then nonprofit is the place to do it.”

Tyler Colbourne (he/him) - Community Director, Inspiring Communities

Kathleen, Agriculture Sector Council of Nova Scotia

“I love working with a group of like-minded people who are all equally passionate about the agriculture industry.”

Katherine Doyle (she/her) - Communications Coordinator, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

Watch the Recorded Interactive Careers Panel!

Learn about Careers in the Nonprofit Sector: Did you know there are 20,000 people working in over 6,000 nonprofit organizations all across Nova Scotia in a wide range of roles? Watch the recording of this webinar to hear directly from people who have chosen this impactful career path. They will share their stories, what they love about working in this sector and they will respond to your questions.

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Examples of Job Opportunities in the Sector

  • Program and Operations Coordinator and Project Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Financial Manager, Bookkeeper, Vice-President of Finance
  • Facilitator, Convenor, Network Navigator or Trainer
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Executive Director
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  • Fund Developer
  • Network Manager
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The nonprofit sector needs graduates from all disciplines including business, arts, science, environmental studies and health care.

Where to Apply

To find job opportunities in the non-profit sector visit any of the following websites,
also look for postings on your university’s or college’s job board.

Cluster Employment

Cluster Employment allows for employees to spread their wings and contribute to multiple employers while benefiting from the security, benefits and structure of a consolidated full-time role.

Employers will have pre-determined schedules and hours allocated, so the employee's job is to do their job. 

Click here sign up to be in the Cluster pool

Charity Village

Thousands of Canadians have used CharityVillage to find rewarding careers in the Nonprofit Sector.

  • Find Job Opportunities
  • Browse Resources for Job Seekers

WorkInNonprofits focuses solely on jobs in the Community Sector. We encourage you to utilize this valuable service.

Nova Scotia Works

Nova Scotia Works are employment services centers located across the province. Anyone can access them to receive career services free of charge (i.e. resume/cover letters/interview strategies).

Check out this link to find a NS Works center near you and contact them to find out what they have to offer.

International Students

If you are in international student and are interested in staying in Canada after graduation you can reach out to your university/ college International Student Office or contact Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

If you have any questions use the contact button found at the page below!