Community Sector Council committed to regional hub structure

While changes are necessary, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia remains committed to its regional hub structure.

In September 2013, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSC) hired six regional convenors on 18-month contracts, with funds provided by the Voluntary Sector Division (VSD) in a one-time-only grant. The convenors were employed to staff CSC’s regional hubs located in non-profit host organizations in Sydney, Antigonish, Tatamagouche, Bridgetown, Shelburne, and Dartmouth.

The VSD grant expires on March 31, 2015, and the core funding provided by the Sector Council Program is not sufficient to cover the convenors’ salaries. As a result, CSC is not able to renew the regional convenors’ contracts.

As of April 1, 2015, the six convenors will transition from salaried employees to contractual associates who will be offered project-based contracts whenever funds are available; the regional hubs will transition from physical locations to web-based locations; and regional training opportunities will be reduced.

Going forward, CSC’s staff team will consist of two members (executive director and coordinator of regional outreach) supported by contractual associates to include convenors, trainers and a webmaster.

In the months ahead, CSC will look to the sector for direction about how to continue to build regional capacity. CSC will continue to offer training and other initiatives throughout the province with the support of the associate convenors and partner organizations. A transition period of several months will be necessary to develop new arrangements.

The work of the regional convenors is highly valued by CSC’s board and executive director. Their individual and collective contribution to the CSC has been extraordinary. The Community Sector Council is deeply appreciative of the support provided by VSD which allowed CSC to initiate a strong and effective regional hub structure. And CSC is committed to maintaining the regional hub structure.

The regional hub structure has been very successful. The regional convenors have organized workshops to build the capacity of the non-profit sector across the province, and have worked with regional networks to develop solutions to shared problems. The significance of the convenors’ contribution cannot be over-stated.

The effectiveness of their regional hub structure is strongly reflected in an external review (Program Review: A Report to the Community Sector Council) which was completed on March 6, 2015.

The report states: “The Community Sector Council has established significant presence and credibility within the sector through the delivery of high quality and relevant training programs….Across the province, the visibility of the Community Sector Council rests largely with the six regional convenors, who have maintained effective communications within their communities”

Questions and comments may be addressed to:

Kathleen Flanagan
Executive Director
Community Sector Council of NS
902 492 6860

Arlene MacDonald
Chair of Board of Directors
Community Sector Council of NS
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