COVID-19: Mandatory Face Masks in NS

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As you know non-medical masks are now mandatory on public transportation and  in indoor public places effective today, July 31. You will want to continue to check the government’s website where they are adding more information and resources. Attached are some resources to help you prepare:

The government also announced that reusable masks are available at public libraries and 23 museums for people who have difficulty accessing them. Small nonprofits can contact to get a limited supplies of masks to give to customers/clients for the same reason. See the news release in English or French.

You can sign up for weekday government updates, by emailing to be added to the distribution list.

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2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Mandatory Face Masks in NS”

  1. Any one who thinks they are putting their own health at risk by wearing a non medical mask should not be forced to wear such mask. If wearing a mask is causing some people a lot of stress they should not be FORCED to wear such mask by our Gov. We all know too much stress can cause high blood pressure ‘ heart attacks ‘ strokes and so on. So that being said I think any one who suffers from such an attack and this attack prevents them from ever working again this person or persons should have a legal right to a lawsuit or to sue the Gov for forcing them to wear a mask that caused such stress to this person or persons to take an attack such as stroke’ heart attack ‘ caused from being stressed by our GOV forcing this person to wear a mask that caused this stress and panic. I don’t understand how our Gov can force any one to put their own health at risk be means of a mask covering the mouth and nose area if it causes this person or persons to be stressed to the point of high blood pressure or panic. I think they should keep the 6 ft distance regulation in place and make non medical mask an option. I am now going to get in contact with a lawyer that handles such cases and get some information on such lawsuit.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      To clarify, the Provincial Government has indicated that they are “taking a cooperative and positive approach to mandatory masking rather than an enforcement approach.” So there are currently no formal penalties for those who do not wish to wear a mask, however, people should also be aware that businesses have the right to refuse them entry or refuse to serve them if they don’t follow the rules, always with allowances for the small number of people with valid reasons for not wearing a mask. The directive asks us to please accommodate people and employees who cannot wear a mask and do not require them to have a document confirming it.

      You can read more about the Requirements & Exemptions on the Provincial Government’s Website:

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