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Resources and Information for Nonprofit & Voluntary Organizations

8-Month Follow up COVID-19 Impact Survey - Report

In October 2020 we launched a follow-up to our COVID-19 Impact Survey - Read the Report of our findings today!

Government Support Measures

These tables summarize legislative and policy measures introduced by the Provincial & Federal Governments to provide support directly benefiting Nonprofit & Voluntary Organizations during COVID-19.

Latest News - Weekly Updates

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NS Nonprofit COVID-19 Coalition

The Nova Scotia Covid Coalition’s purpose is to act as a hub to bring together sector leaders and government partners to support this vital sector during  the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Recovery Planning

Click here to learn more about how to prepare your organization for re-opening and recovering as the Province begins lifting some restrictions.

Research & Innovation

Innovation and bold new approaches post COVID-19 will need to be grounded in research and analysis of the impacts of the pandemic. This section provides evidence and examples to inform change.

Advocacy & The Community Sector

See national and provincial advocacy efforts to advance the sector during the pandemic - including efforts by CSCNS.

Impact of COVID-19 on Nova Scotia's Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who completed our COVID-19 Impact surveys. View the results of both surveys here.

Employer Resources

For those organizations in our sector with employees, we have compiled some key pieces of information as well as resources to support your staff, boards, and leadership.

Keep Learning

In this section you'll find webinars offered by CSCNS as well as other organizations which seek to address the many personal and professional challenges that our sector is facing during this challenging time.

Inclusive Practices

This section includes resources to support inclusive practices and to help address racism and xenophobia. Including examples of actions taken to support communities affected by this discrimination.

Mental Health & Well-Being

This section includes resources to ensure that individuals and organizations have access to resources to support mental health & well-being during this stressful and uncertain time.

Working Remotely

As a virtual organization, CSCNS is familiar with both the benefits and challenges of working with teams in a virtual setting. Click here for some great resources to support teams making this transition.

Virtual Volunteering

As volunteering is increasingly moving to the virtual world, these resources are designed to provide links and opportunities for getting involved.

Community Resources

Search 211's trusted database at to find current and reliable information about what services and organizations are still operating during COVID-19.

211 Nova Scotia is your one stop shop, but they need your help. If your service or program has been impacted by COVD-19, please update 211 Nova Scotia today. If you are still operating or have recently received funding to help Nova Scotians, please contact their team today. These updates may be sent via email at

More Resources

If you don't see something in one of the sections above that addresses your concerns, please take some time to check out this section which lists some great resource libraries also serving our sector!

To get the most up to date information on the response to COVID-19 and how best to protect yourself and your community, please visit the following sites:

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