CSCNS Executive Director Appointed to National Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector

As noted on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website, the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector was formed following recommendations from “the Consultation Panel on the Political Activities of Charities, and the Social Innovation and Social Finance Co-Creation Steering Group, the ACCS is co-chaired by the charitable sector and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and will provide advice to the Government on important and emerging issues facing the sector”.


The Panel’s report can be found here. Challenges experienced by the charitable sector in the wake of the 2012 Federal Budget were described by the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia in an earlier post.


The Committee marks a significant shift in the relationship between government and the sector. Previously, the sector had been concerned mainly with ensuring compliance with the rules set forward by the government. Now, for the first time, there is a mechanism that allows the sector to partner with government, and this creates opportunities for innovation and sustainability that previously did not exist.


Arlene MacDonald, Executive Director of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, was appointed last Friday as one of the seventeen members of the Advisory Committee.


“I’m very pleased to be representing the Atlantic Provinces,” MacDonald replied when asked her reaction to the news of her appointment. Expressing enthusiasm for the chance to work with such an impressive group, MacDonald cited the appointment of Paulette Senior, CEO and President, Canadian Women’s Foundation as evidence of the committee’s commitment to equity: “Coming from a province where the sector’s workforce is 87% female, very pleased to see the diversity of voice at the table.”


“The Government of Canada is sending a strong message re: its commitment to evidence based decision making as it pertains to the sector,” noted Patricia Bradshaw, Chair of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors. Bradshaw also suggested that while Arlene’s appointment will certainly raise the profile of the CSCNS, it also gives voice to over 6000 Nova Scotia nonprofits. “Having a grassroots representative of rural Nova Scotia, committed to equity and inclusion, will be an asset to the committee,” Bradshaw continued.


Learn more about the Advisory Committee and view the full Membership list here.