CSCNS Partners with SimplyCast for Sector Digitization

A Letter from our Executive Director

To all of our highly engaged stakeholders, we would like to share an exciting project to bring digital technologies to the sector to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce cost.

We have partnered with SimplyCast, a Nova Scotia company and a global leader in engagement automation, to develop a communication system and tools specifically for sector operations accessible to members of all sizes, budget or resources.

The Sector Digitization Project consists of:

  • A suite of interactive tools for online surveying, data collection, signup forms, Contact management and digital communications.
  • Ready-to-use templated sector operation best practice workflows
  • Access to affordable professional automation services

With this system gives our members an easy way to:

  • Communicate with multiple stakeholder groups
  • Collect data or signups and automatically followup
  • Manage stakeholder and volunteer contact databases
  • Automate internal work processes

In addition, this platform will give the CSCNS a pathway in which it can start collecting labor market information as well as impact information on the non-profit sector. As your Industry Council, the CSCNS acts as a voice for the sector, the current lack of standardized data collection makes it challenging to fully describe the extent of our sector’s impact to Nova Scotia’ s social and economic development. We hope that you will consider this sector-wide platform for your own organizational needs but also to support a sector-wide initiative to strengthen the story we have to tell as a sector about the fabulous work we all do!

The CSCNS is very cognizant of the challenges our sector faces when trying to resource the tools and technology we need to manage and grow our operations. We are very excited to be able to offer our members this new, one-of-a-kind solution in the non-profit industry, at a negotiated special 65% discount exclusively for CSCNS members of all sizes and budgets. We have also negotiated customized onboarding and support. The system is available to you at this discounted rate through a digital membership with the CSCNS.

It is the intention of the CSCNS and of SimplyCast to make this system as responsive to the needs of the Sector as possible. A representative of SimplyCast will be in contact with you over the next few months. It is our hope that you will participate in the conversation with us so we can continue to be responsive as a Sector Council to your system and data collection needs and to those of our sector.

If you would like to fast track implementation or are interested in immediately exploring the opportunity of this system, please feel free to reach out directly to:

Contact: Ken Lee


P: 902 835-8974 ext 1218


This offer is exclusively available only through CSCNS and will not be found on the SimplyCast site.

For more information about our partner, SimplyCast, please visit their website

We hope you will be part of this exciting initiative.



Arlene MacDonald

Executive Director