Money Matters

Financial Sustainability - full day

Government funding is a core source of revenue for many community groups, but diversifying beyond public funds is a key imperative to increase financial sustainability these days.  Participants in this workshop will use a self-assessment tool to measure internal organizational competencies in four core areas of financial sustainability. Building on that initial assessment, participants will draft a financial sustainability plan to improve organizational practices in one or all core areas.

Facilitator:  Laurie Cook is Director of Custom Learning and Innovation for the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia.  As such, Laurie brings a wide range of experience working in the community sector in relation to board governance, strategic planning and community / stakeholder engagement.  She also has a Masters of Adult Education specializing in Community Development from St. Francis Xavier University, and a certificate in Non-Profit Leadership from Dalhousie University.

Grants:  Finding & Writing - 2 half days held the same day

Introduction (morning):  Finding grants and writing them can seem like a mysterious art form, but it’s really about figuring out what funders are looking to invest in and seeing if there is a match with your organizational goals.  Participants in this workshop will: look at common challenges in grant finding and writing, develop solutions to address them and learn how to be more successful and efficient using a Building the Case ‘Prep’ Checklist as a foundational resource.

Advanced (afternoon):  Grant writing at an advanced level is not for the faint of heart.  In this workshop, participants will look to up their game by bringing in a grant they are working on for feedback.  They will also explore a variety of grants available at different levels, and see how as the level of funding goes up, the complexity goes up.  Participants should have either taken Intro to Grant Writing, or have some experience writing grants. Depending on experience level, participants will then explore writing municipal, provincial or federal grants.  To participate fully, it would be good to bring a laptop or tablet to be able to work online.

Facilitator:  Laurie Cook is Director of Custom Learning and Innovation for the Community Sector Council.  She is also an active volunteer and grant writer in her home community of Musquodoboit Harbour.  Laurie has written grants for a variety of small and large projects including mental health projects, initiatives for youth and seniors, and starting a new cooperative transportation service.  

Diversifying Funding:  Corporate Partnerships - full day

Diversifying funding these days in the community sector is critical.  Participants in this workshop will explore what corporate partnerships are all about.  They will learn: how to design a corporate partnership strategy, develop a YOU pitch and practice it, how to develop a partnership ‘deck’, and how to keep one’s partnership on track with partnership agreements, fulfillment strategies and visibility reports.

Facilitator:  Darin Roche is the Founder of The Partnership Company.  With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, as well as a three year term with the Atlantic International Film Festival as their sponsorship director, Darin has the ability and skill set to connect brands to create unique partnerships within the sponsorship marketing industry.

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