Marketing & Communications on a Shoestring - full day

Effectively communicating your organization's purpose and value has become increasingly challenging in today's busy world. Participants in this workshop will learn about: adapting with the digital sphere; how to develop a communications strategy for both traditional and digital purposes including social media; practical tools and best practices; and basic marketing strategies and tools that help your organization's voice be heard online and offline.  Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet of some kind to be able to make the most of this workshop.

Facilitator:  Gab LeVert is a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor in Public Relations. Just after graduating, he co-founded Magnified Public Relations, a digital agency that specializes in working with socially conscious brands. He and his co-founder are both very keen on working with the nonprofit sector to help them tell great stories of impact through a variety of media.  With Magnified PR, Gab has worked with organizations from across Canada. From strategizing a national digital fundraising strategy to optimizing websites and social media accounts, Gab is focused on enhancing brands' online presence to ensure the most important voices are heard. Along with coordinating digital efforts, he has also worked with clients to secure traditional media opportunities, organize events and manage volunteers.

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