Evaluation & Learning

Building a Culture of Evaluation & Learning - full day

Developing a culture of evaluation and learning in an organization doesn’t happen overnight. Strong leadership and organizational commitment that encourages and supports systems for ongoing evaluation are essential for a culture of learning to thrive. This workshop will explore how a culture of learning can be developed, what a strong evaluative culture can look like (ie. reflection, evidence-based learning, experimentation) and how to encourage a culture of evaluation in your organization (ie. leadership, support structures, learning focus).

Facilitator:  Tara Jaskowiak is South Shore Regional Convenor and Evaluation Lead for the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia and works with the Custom Learning division on strategic planning, good governance, volunteer management and evaluation as well.  Tara also has a passion for supporting organizations to be the best they can be by working smarter, not harder. She believes in the value of failure and how it can support us to be better. Her instinct for bringing people together and developing great ideas has drawn her to creative leadership roles from coast to coast - from the YMCA and Volunteer Victoria to the Lunenburg Queens Volunteer Partnership and developmental evaluation with YouthScape Canada. Tara is dedicated to making connections and building capacity within the community.

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