People Management

Managing and Recruiting Volunteers - full day

With 12.7 million Canadians contributing an average of 154 hours each year, volunteers continue to play an essential role building and restoring strong and connected communities, a just society, and a sustainable planet. Yet, the nature of volunteering is changing. This workshop will give participants practical skills to enhance their engagement with volunteers by reviewing the Volunteer Management Cycle and learn how to best recruit, train, supervise, recognize and retain volunteers.  We will look at creating engaging volunteer opportunity descriptions, and what platforms and tools are available to assist you in recruiting and managing volunteers.

Facilitator:  Tara Jaskowiak is South Shore Regional Convenor for the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia and works with the Custom Learning division on strategic planning, good governance, volunteer management and evaluation as well.  Tara also has a passion for, and a wide range of experience in, volunteer management and working with community organizations. Her instinct for bringing people together and developing great ideas has drawn her to creative leadership roles from coast to coast - from the YMCA and Volunteer Victoria to the Lunenburg Queens Volunteer Partnership and developmental evaluation with YouthScape Canada. Tara is dedicated to making connections and building capacity within the community.

Introduction to Managing Staff - full day

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