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Affordable pricing for the CSCNS EFAP program

EFAP to Launch February 1, 2021

These are uncertain and stressful times for the 20,000 paid staff and the 51% of the population who volunteer in the nonprofit and voluntary sector in the Province. For many of us, demands for services are increasing while funding is unpredictable. Everyone in our organizations and in their families are facing challenges. Many nonprofit and voluntary organizations have not been able to provide an employee and family assistance program (EFAP).

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSCNS) is delighted to be working with Aspiria and New Ground Financial Inc. to address this gap by launching a sector EFAP that is due to launch on February 1, 2021 with over 500 subscribers (and growing).

If you are interested in joining the program at the secured rate of $2.84/person/month, please reach out to Nicole Cammaert at ncammaert@csc-ns.ca. In the meantime, please note the resources below for more detailed information on how the program works and what is included (videos and pdf’s). You’ll also note below the most commonly asked questions we received about the administration of the program.

We recognize and celebrate the resilience of the sector and at the same time acknowledge that these are difficult times. We look forward to working together with you so you can continue to serve your clients and fulfill your missions while at the same time your staff and volunteers are supported. Everyone wins!

** Please note - CSCNS will add a small fee to help cover our costs to administer this benefits program

Program Administration FAQ’s

What is the cancellation policy?

  • This EFAP commitment is made on an annual basis and is paid at the beginning of the program. Each year on the anniversary of the EFAP organizations can renew or cancel.

What if I need to add or take away people on the plan? 

  • Organizations will be asked on a quarterly basis how many people are on the plan. If the number increases over the year, an invoice will be sent for the differential if it is over a 10% increase. We are unable to account for fewer people on the plan over the course of the year and the participation numbers can be adjusted for the subsequent renewal period.

When will we be invoiced?

  • An invoice for the annual program will be sent in mid-January for launch of the program on February 1, 2021. Invoices can be paid online via credit card or via paypal. Should an organization wish to pay by cheque or EFT, there is an option to do this as well. Should organizations require a different payment schedule, we may be able to accommodate on a case by case basis.

We need board approval to make this commitment but my Board is not meeting in time to make the deadline. Can we still join when we have approval?

  • Yes, for organizations unable to meet this deadline, they can join at a later date and their rate will be prorated for the period remaining in the annual plan (February 2021 – January 2022). For example, if your organization joins for April 1st, you will be billed for 10 months of the plan. Upon the plan renewal date you will have the option to rejoin and be billed for the full 12 month cycle for the following year.

Our organization is based in Nova Scotia but we have staff and volunteers in other provinces/territories. Would they also be eligible?

  • Yes, as long as the non-profit or voluntary organization is based in Nova Scotia staff and volunteers living in other parts of Canada would be eligible.

Will we receive any other invoices or be expected to pay any other additional fees?

  • The CSCNS will add a 10% Administration fee to your invoice to help offset the fees associated with the plan.

As we review the program for consideration of renewal next year, what, if any analytics can we expect to help make our decision?

  • Both the CSCNS and our partners, New Ground Financial and Aspiria take privacy laws seriously and no data on usage rates on the individual level, nor content or topic of any service be revealed or shared. The CSCNS will receive an analytical review of the program at the sector level. Organizations with 50 or more people on the plan will receive a high level report of basic usage rates specific to their organization. It is important to note that no individual names or data will be shared at any level of reporting. Please see attached PDF for more information on privacy and confidentiality.

Is there a document that outlines the full program and how to access services?

  • Yes, please see below for a detailed overview of the EFAP plan. When the program launches, subscribers will be provided with the contact information to access benefits.

Learn More About the Program

Program Overview

Click here to review a PDF outlining a full description of the program.

EAP Program FAQs

Click here to review a PDF outlining some Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Listen to Annika Voltan, Executive Director of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, as she speaks with Nick Mombourquette (New Ground Financial) and Robert Gould (Aspiria) about benefits of this Sector-wide EFAP program for Employers and Organizations. Watch the recording!

Listen to Annika Voltan, Executive Director of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, as she speaks with Nick Mombourquette (New Ground Financial) and Robert Gould (Aspiria) about benefits of this Sector-wide EFAP program for Employees and Volunteers. Watch the recording!

On September 24th, Nick Mombourquette from NewGround Financial hosted a conversation with Robert Gould, a representative from Aspiria. They introduced the Program and the clinical services that will be available to your staff and volunteers. Everything from legal and financial consultations to nutrition and life coaching and more. Watch the recording!

Listen to Paul Wheeler speak about the impact and benefits of the Employee & Family Assistance Program. Watch the recording!