FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: ACIC 2019 Southern Speaker Symposium Fund

We are pleased to announce the annual call for proposals for the ACIC Member Southern Speakers Symposium Fund. This Fund provides opportunities for Southern partners to dialogue with Atlantic Canadians on issues and demonstrate impact of efforts in international cooperation. The Southern Speakers Symposium Fund will support the participation of an international guest to the region to speak at ACIC's annual symposium from Oct. 3rd & 4th, 2019 in St. John's, NL.

See the application form and guidelines here:

All proposals must be received by 4 pm (AST) May 15th, 2019.

The theme of this year's symposium "Gender Equality: the power of story-telling to build relationships and collaboration" will enable us to reflect on gender equality not only as a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Gender inequalities are complex and multifaceted, and interwoven with various other systems of power and oppression. Work on this issue is inherently and necessarily political as well as personal, and socioeconomic. We therefore cannot discuss gender inequality without discussing intersectionality and how this impacts the advancement of women and girls. Feminist approaches now bring an intersectional perspective:

  • deconstructing established hierarchies,
  • drawing attention to multiple forms of discrimination, and
  • avoiding simplistic and inaccurate gender binaries and dichotomies.

In this symposium, we will discuss what it means to bring a feminist approach, and the importance of developing authentic relationships and supporting collaboration to affect change. We will discuss the importance of including all voices, and the power of individual stories. (The full theme can be found in the Guidelines document here:<>).

The Symposium will provide a rich networking and learning environment where a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops bring participants together around specific themes and issues. The aim of the Symposium is to strengthen individual and collective capacity, and increase dialogue on making connections between the issues and the actions necessary to create a sustainable future, both locally and globally. It will be an opportunity to work across sectors and issues, to promote values of pluralism, tolerance and respect. Participants will include international cooperation practitioners, youth, indigenous leaders, feminists, local governments, environmentalists, issue-specific experts, advocates and academics.

ACIC member applicants are encouraged to consider how the individual's background and area of work pertain to the overall theme of the symposium. Please note, however, that there are many intersecting issues arising from the theme that we have chosen which will attract broad-based participation as well as a spectrum of contributing expertise.

Up to $3,000 is available to help cover travel costs associated with having the Southern partner visit Atlantic Canada. Consideration will also be given to the value added to the ACIC member's work or additional public engagement opportunities that may exist in conjunction with the speaker's participation in the ACIC symposium.


  • Proposals must be submitted by an ACIC regular member (organizations and institutions, not individuals) or Atlantic-based non-profit organization.
  • ACIC accepts funding proposals from members in good standing - payment of membership dues must be up to date.
  • Applicants must not have any outstanding final reports still to submit from previous (excluding current) ACIC-funded projects.
  • Previous Southern Speakers are excluded from eligibility.

Submission Deadlines

All proposals must be received by 4 pm (AST) May 15th, 2019. A selection committee will review all proposals after the deadline and results will be announced by early June 2019.

Please send completed applications to