Volunteer Management

Volunteer Boards free resources

The Dalhousie College of Continuing Education provides non-profit organizations with a variety of free resources related to the work of volunteer boards. They include sample policies which can be freely adapted by organizations for their own use, and topical governance guides and tools.

The Volunteer Screening Handbook

Volunteer Canada’s handbook helps organizations develop screening policies and practices. Screening is an essential component of sound human resource management. It is broadly defined as an ongoing process that helps better match people and organizations, improves the safety and quality of programs, and reduces risks and liability.

Volunteer Screening Fact Sheets

The Nova Scotia government offers fact sheets on Volunteer Screening, in English and French. Volunteer Screening is an on-going process used by a non-profit organization to ensure that the involvement of volunteers meets the needs of the group.

The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

By using Volunteer Canada’s Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, non-profit organizations can strengthen their volunteer engagement strategy, and also strengthen the capacity of the organization to meet its mandate and contribute to a stronger community.

The Overseas Experience: A Passport to Improved Volunteerism at Home

Cuso and Imagine Canada released this research report on the volunteering habits of returned overseas volunteers, and how local non-profits can best tap into the expertise of volunteers with international experience.

Volunteers Cast a Beautiful Shadow

Volunteer Canada conducted a national volunteer recognition survey to answer this question: How do Canadians want to be recognized for their volunteer contributions?

Building Blocks for Family Volunteering

Volunteer Canada’s guide to starting and promoting a family volunteering program. It includes tools, resources, and suggestions for further information.

Bridging the Gap

Volunteer Canada offers this comprehensive report that asks: How can we bridge the gap between what Canadians are looking for in volunteering today and how organizations are engaging volunteers? There is also a summary report and a fact sheet.