November 4, 2016

CSCNS Group Benefits Program Update

The Community Sector Councilof Nova Scotia (CSCNS) has been asked by the sector to explore benefit options on their behalf. In response to membership requests for a credible employee benefits program, we have chosen the Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT). Many of you that attended the CSCNS provincial conference in June 2014 may recall the presentation given by Paul Wheeler, Chair of the Board of Trusteees for the CSBT.
We chose CSBT in part because their mandate is to provide a fully insured group benefits plan that meets the need of the community non-profit sector. CSBT is directed by a Board of Trustees comprised ofsenior executives from the non-profit sector. CSBT’s plan is regionally delivered through a national network of Partner Advisors and provides group benefits to the Social Service sector throughout Canada.
The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia has entered into a partnership agreement with the CSBT due to:

  • Designed for Social Services Needs: The plan was built by Executive Directors in 2002 because the ideal Social Services Benefits Plan didn’t exist so they created a plan specific to their needs.  This plan is only available to Social Service Agencies.
  • Size and Scale: The CSBT benefits program currently serves 680 agencies with over 24,908 members across Canada.
  • Cost Effective Solutions:  The CSBT will work with your organization to create a tailored cost effective group benefits program, even if you already have a plan in place.

Given the agreement that is now in place, we hope that you will consider a quote from CSBT the next time that you shop your benefits package.  Keep in mind that members are under no obligation and should feel no pressure to secure group benefits from CSBT. 
A CSBT representative will be contacting you shortly, please give them an opportunity to discuss the benefits options available to you. If you do not wish to have a representative of CSBT contact you, please let me know at and we will not share your organization’s contact information with the CSBT.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Arlene MacDonald
Executive Director