December 23, 2016

Message From Nancy MacLellan, Assistant Deputy Minister, NS Department of Community Services

Dear Members of the Community Sector Council,

At this time of year, I'm always inclined to take stock of the things for which I am grateful.  This is particularly piqued this year with what is going on in US politics and with the media.  I'm grateful to live in a province where people are kind, lift each other up, and take care of each other.  I'm proud to be part of a network that can pull together, as you folks did, to be poised to help clients who may have been impacted by the recent school disruption. 

You folks support and work with some of our most vulnerable Nova Scotians, ensure vibrant communities, and work to match up volunteers and abilities with what is needed.  Thank you for all that you do – and I hope you enjoy some much needed time with friends and family during this season. 



Nancy MacLellan

Associate Deputy Minister, NS Department of Community Services

Nelson Place, 5675 Spring Garden Road

Halifax, NS, B3J 1H1

(902) 424 7486