January 26, 2017

Welcome Tegan Smith...CSCNS' New Halifax Convenor

Halifax Region Convenor Tegan Smith has worked in the communications and engagement field for over a decade. With a strong background in non-profit management and community development, her focus is to connect, grow and engage communities, building relationships that benefit an organization and its members. With an emphasis on collaboration, authenticity and shared vision she works with organizations that share these values to help them not only succeed, but thrive. Her past work includes Communications Coordinator for the United Way Hubs project, Managing Director of The Old School Gathering Place, a rural Arts & Culture Centre, Co-founder and Coordinator of the Women Reshaping the World conferences, as well as developing successful communication strategies for many other non-profit organizations such as Eastern Shore Mental Health and Firefly Women’s Association. She  also fills the role of the CBC Community Contact for the Eastern Shore.