April 13, 2018

How We Thrive-Call For Community Stories

As part of our partnership and collaboration with the How We Thrive conference (, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia is collecting video vignettes from around the province to bring into the THRIVE gathering (June 17-20, 2018). We strive to have a cross-section of Nova Scotians contributing to a conversation about a future that works for all. We recognize the reality that not everyone will be able to participate in-person. So it's kind of a given that we will be missing some voices in our conversation about a "future that works for all." 

However, through video storytelling, we can bring your voice and the voice of others into the How We Thrive conference. and preserve these essential stories of positive community impact and growth.

We're asking for your recommendations for people, organizations, collectives etc who are doing great things in our communities. 

Our wish list includes people who are (any combination of)...

• "unsung heroes"...i.e., quietly responding to a need and ensuring that more people have a chance to thrive

• informal leaders who are stepping up in bold or creative ways to help their community thrive

• speaking with a voice not often heard

• from cultural communities in Nova Scotia including First Nations, African Nova Scotian, immigrant, refugees, etc

• of different ages