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As a team, we are constantly reflecting on our work, current opportunities, and emerging issues facing the sector. Every month, we will take a deeper dive into a relevant topic to produce a thought piece which we hope will spark a conversation across Nova Scotia. Click below to read our past posts and learn how you can get the latest updates delivered to your inbox!

Apples, Onions & Peaches: Learning Organizations for Impact

On Friday afternoons, the CSCNS team closes out the week with our A.O.P. meetings. They started several months ago when our colleague Emma shared that she uses “Apples, Onions, and Peaches” at the dinner table to encourage her young daughters to share what’s happening in their lives....

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Working For-Impact: A Millennial's Perspective on Navigating Labour Systems

Okay, so I grew up reading (and still enjoy) dystopian fiction - Hunger Games, Divergent, Handmaid’s Tale, The Pretties, anyone? Dystopian novels seem to revolve around ‘work’ given that labour is such a major part of life and survival. Through the imaginations of authors, I’ve been introduced to...

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Burnout: A Pandemic Nested Within a Pandemic

As I was reading articles on burnout one evening (yes, I hear the irony!)I overhead my daughter and her friend talking about how nervous they were for their upcoming Grade 12 Global Geography test. One jokingly said to the other, “When in doubt, answer ‘Carrying Capacity.’”

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Beyond Statements: Transformational Anti-Racism Work is Relational

At CSCNS, we have a little crush on Brené Brown and often find ourselves referencing her work in team meetings. While these days Brené borders on being a household name, her colleague Aiko Bethea is a lesser-known rising star.

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It's Time to Shift Our Thinking: Non-Profit to For-Impact

A couple of weeks ago my colleague Emma sent me a note and said “you need to watch this”! She was referring to a 2-ish minute video posted by Simon Sinek on LinkedIn.

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Sitting in Liminal Space

I was recently introduced to the concept of liminal space by someone at the David Suzuki Foundation. It’s a space of discomfort, “the time between ‘what was’ and the ‘next’. It is a place of transition, a season of waiting, and not knowing” - where genuine newness can begin (inaliminalspace.org).

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