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Collaborate & Activate

Our second Strategic Priority is to facilitate, support and activate connections across networks and encourage continued and new collaborations between nonprofits, the government and private sectors, in order to inspire systems-change, and to build an inclusive, sustainable, healthy and prosperous Nova Scotia.

Flagship Programs

We strive to offer workshops and programming that meets the unique needs of each Region. To do this consistently across the province we have developed our Flagships Programming.

Sector Stories

Stories have the power to persuade and move people to action. Browse the various stories we've collected form our sector!

Job postings

CSCNS is pleased to offer an employment resource that focuses solely on the Community Sector.  We encourage employers to populate with employment opportunities.

Regional Newsletters

Every month we aim to curate a selection of resources, updates, and news pertaining to each of our 6 regions in the province. Make sure you subscribe to our Regional Newsletters to stay in the loop!