Regional Learning

We strive to offer workshops and programming that meets the unique needs of each Region. To do this consistently across the province we have developed our Flagships Programming.

There are three different Flagships:



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The Community Sector Council offers a workshop series on Nonprofit Organizational Core Competencies including the following three full day workshops:

Board Governance

Board Governance

The Board Governance Workshop seeks to teach boards the key elements of Good Governance. Good governance is an essential part of any organization's effectiveness and success. Regular evaluations and reviews of your board and its practices, as well as regular board education and updates, will ensure your board and organization is operating in compliance with best practice and effective stewardship of the assets of your organization. This is key to being productive, strategic, ethical and sustainable.

This program has been designed to assist in building your board into a highly functional, well-informed, supportive and service oriented body, capable of playing a core role in guiding your organization toward its strategic goals by leveraging current best practice alongside the skills, experience and knowledge that your board members already possess.

Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Workshop seeks to teach boards the key elements of Strategic Planning. Building your organizations’ capacity to manage effective Strategic Planning can be a crucial element in adapting to sectoral and organizational change, and proactively organize your work in a purposeful way.

This hands-on workshop will provide a grounded overview of the Strategic Planning process, and provide some practical guidance on thinking through the various stages, from understanding the broader nonprofit strategic context, comprehending your own situational context (SWOT, SOAR, etc.), setting achievable priorities, and building efficient and broadly agreeable action and operational plans within your organization.

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

The first half of the session will introduce organizational financial sustainability and fiscal health by looking at four core elements: Sound Financial Practices, Fund Development, Strategic Thinking and Fostering Innovation. In the afternoon, we'll examine grant identification and proposal writing in a practical exercise.

Reach out to your Regional Convenor to or check out our Events Calendar learn more about Organizational Core Competencies Workshops happening in your area.

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ED Network provides a forum for executive directors to discuss issues relevant to their work in a confidential format.  The CSCNS will provide the place and facilitator. Executive Directors bring their energy, ideas and experience.

ED Network provides the most senior staff leader in the organization with the opportunities to:

  • Connect with peers and learn from each other;
  • Advocate for change;
  • Engage in learning & professional development;
  • Strengthen our knowledge of existing programs & services;
  • Reduce professional isolation & duplication; and
  • Identify potential opportunities & partners across the whole scope of the sector.

To expand the range of services provided to the ED Network, we will offer:

  • Learning & professional development opportunities delivered by subject matter experts in a workshop format;
  • Quarterly meetings to address sector-wide issues; and
  • More frequent – but less formal – meet & mingle gatherings.

Reach out to your Regional Convenor to or check out our Events Calendar learn more about ED Networks happening in your area.



Leadership Labs are for individuals currently working in the community sector. This Labs also supports individuals who want to become volunteer leaders in some aspect of the community sector (ie. board member, board chair, mentor, etc.). If you want to advance your career, are a leader or wish to become a leader in the community sector, this is your Network.

There are emerging leadership gaps that come with changes in the community sector and retirement of current leaders. Members will network with peers in the sector and learn about the community sector, management and leadership – whatever leadership looks like to our members.

The Leadership Labs provide volunteers, staff and board members, at all levels of experience, with the opportunities to:

  • Meet and have the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded young leaders in a community where supporting one another professionally is the main focus.
  • Join a growing community of emergent leaders with a desire to connect, learn, collaborate and create a remarkable future for themselves and the generations to come.
  • Participate in special interactive workshops with local facilitators.

Reach out to your Regional Convenor to or check out our Events Calendar learn more about Leadership Labs happening in your area.