The Nonprofit Sector in Nova Scotia: A Statistical Portrait

A first-time report and statistical profile on the non-profit sector in Nova Scotia, "The Nonprofit Sector in Nova Scotia: A Statistical Portrait", has been completed and is available to download.

The report provides an understanding of the scope and size of the sector based upon CRA data on charities, and correlated data on non-profit organizations in the province. The Division engaged Imagine Canada researcher, David Lasby, to conduct the research and worked with a research advisory committee to provide direction and feedback on the report.

Age Friendly Workspaces

A report from Community Links, a provincial nonprofit association of over 280 senior and senior-serving organizations. The report includes ideas on how to position the nonprofit sector as an age-friendly workplace of choice for older workers.

At the Same Table

Phoenix and the Federation of Community Organizations conducted a research study on developments within the nonprofit sector across Canada, and a focused exploration of non-profits in Nova Scotia.

Bridging The Gap

Volunteer Canada offers this comprehensive report that asks: How can we bridge the gap between what Canadians are looking for in volunteering today and how organizations are engaging volunteers? There is also a summary report and a fact sheet.

Nova Scotia's Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector Labour Force Discussion Paper

This report identified the characteristics of the nonprofit sector workforce in Nova Scotia and compared them to the national picture. The workforce in Nova Scotia is better educated than the national average, but is paid less. Read this and lots of other key findings.

Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia Program Review

Makes Sense Consultants conducted a program review between December 15, 2014 and March 6, 2015 by for the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia. Read the Executive Summary and the Full Report.

Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia Strategic Goals available for 2015-18

The Board of Directors has developed the strategic goals that guide the activities and work plans of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia.

Review the Strategic Goals 2015-18 (pdf format).