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Annika Voltan - Executive Director

Annika Voltan is the Executive Director of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia. She previously was the Executive Director of Inspiring Communities where she worked to help grow the field of systems change through fostering activities related to nesting social change initiatives, evaluation and learning. Annika has experience working across federal and provincial government departments, academia and the business sector. She recently completed a PhD in social entrepreneurship and has research interests in networks and social innovation. Annika has three young children and can be found exploring nature and the local craft beer scene.

Annika uses she/her pronouns.
CONTACT: | 902-456‐9089


Nicole Cammaert - Director of Network & Sector Development

Nicole Cammaert has over 20 years experience working with communities at the grass roots level. She also contributes years of experience working in diverse fields such as marketing and outdoor adventure tourism. Nicole brings a balanced, holistic and entrepreneurial ethos to her work as a community organizer, embracing complexity through systems change and social innovation. She has served in various community development capacities including most recently as Director of Community Engagement and Education for New Dawn Enterprises, as well as co-founder and manager of the North River Centre for the Performing Arts, Co-Chair for the St. Ann’s Bay Development Association, and Coordinator of the St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Centre, and Director of Marketing and Product Development for Tourism Cape Breton. Nicole is a recent graduate of the Coady International Institute’s program, Canadian Women’s Foundation Leadership Institute.
Nicole uses she/her pronouns.
CONTACT: | 902-549-0309


Emma Beukema - Director of Learning & Innovation

Emma brings a multidisciplinary approach to her work having worked in entrepreneurship, community, and citizen-engagement for organizations such as the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, Black Business Initiative and Can-World Consulting Services. Emma’s passion for leadership, advocacy, and her desire to help others comes from her belief in helping others pursue their dreams and her volunteer work within the community.

Emma has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Mary’s University in Political Science and International Development. She is also a board member with Queenpins and CEED. She is a wife and mother of two and brings with her a passion for life-long learning and a determination to help youth and communities succeed.

Emma uses she/her pronouns.


Alexandra Theroux - Administrative & Systems Coordinator

Having worked in Healthcare for almost 10 years, Alexandra feels strongly about giving back to her community and supporting the work of community organizations in improving the overall health of Nova Scotians. She is passionate about human rights advocacy, gender & race equity, and environmental issues. Alexandra has worked at Nova Scotia Community College and the Department of Health & Wellness in Administrative and Project Management positions. She is currently a Volunteer Board Member of the Halifax Community Health Board. Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing & Management from Mount Saint Vincent University. Alexandra is an avid reader who enjoys drawing and writing stories of her own.

Alexandra uses she/her pronouns.
CONTACT: | 902-223-7691


Paula MacKay - Career Pathways Coordinator

Paula has a Master of Education with an academic focus on experiential learning and student engagement. She has extensive experience in career services at NSCC, UPEI, the PEI Department of Education, and Dalhousie and is looking forward to bridging her experience in post secondary institutions with the needs of the nonprofit sector for new graduates. Paula is excited about working with leaders in the nonprofit and voluntary Sector, including with nonprofit social enterprises, to help ensure a vibrant workforce for our current and future needs. Paula shares our commitment to ensuring that international students as well as graduates from all backgrounds and all the diverse communities that make up our province are able to bring their passion, values and skills to their work in the Sector and to building healthy and inclusive communities.

Paula uses she/her pronouns.
CONTACT: | 902-877-9783


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