Featuring marketing guru John Haydon

Learn how to use automated emails to create a marketing funnel that will attract, convert, and retain new members

Featuring Wild Apricot CMO Shiv Narayanan

Learn how to create your own Facebook Ads from scratch that attract new members to your organization.

Presented by Jason Shim & Mark Hallman, Google Partners

How to build an Adwords strategy that supports your mission, programs, marketing, and fundraising

The secrets to how Adwords work

Tips and tricks to make the free tools that Google offers nonprofits

Presented by Amy Sample Ward, CEO of the Nonprofit Technology Network

The basic steps to engage your members using social media

How to develop a unique membership engagement strategy

Other digital marketing strategies to boost membership engagement online

Presented by Sarah Sladek, CEO of XYZ University

All about the Generation Y/Millennial mindset to get them interested in your organization

How recent economic shifts are reshaping the membership value proposition

How to create your own unique strategy and marketing tactics to target this elusive generation

Presented by Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy

How to find and refine your membership "hook" to keep members for life

How to develop more effective onboarding processes for new members 

How to tap into your "best members" and demonstrate the value of your membership


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