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Who We Are

Our Mission

To bring together nonprofit and voluntary organizations to ensure they can effectively meet the needs of all of Nova Scotia’s communities and citizens. The CSCNS works collaboratively to find innovative solutions to emerging and existing sectoral issues.

Our Vision

Community-based organizations building a healthy, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable Nova Scotia in partnership with government and the private sector.

Our Values

  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion, equity, & diversity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Fairness

What We Do

Our 2020-2023 Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority #1

Educate & Innovate

Strategic Priority #2

Collaborate & Activate

Strategic Priority #3

Advocate & Celebrate

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The research conducted highlighted an exciting and growing commitment on the part of the organizational leaders of nonprofit and volunteer organizations to embrace collaboration and networking. This research illustrated examples of partnerships transforming the sector. From sharing of information, to sharing people and spaces, to joint programs and amalgamations, the recognition of the growing inter-organizational connections and collaborations is exciting.

Educate & Innovate

Provide the tools, skills and knowledge to increase the capacity of existing and newly forming small- and medium-size nonprofit and voluntary organizations province-wide and ensure they build a flexible and diverse workforce that will thrive in today’s innovative digital economy.

1Build capacity in human resource planning and workforce attraction and retention, guided by a commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity.

2Help organizations address challenges of finding and keeping volunteers through collaborations, such as with Volunteer Nova Scotia.

3Provide training and development, in person and on-line, on priorities identified by the sector.

4Support robust organizations by providing accessible, affordable training in governance, leadership and strategic planning, as well as in financial, management and succession planning.

5Provide guidance through connections and community involvement in building and enhancing social entrepreneurship.

Partner with schools, universities and colleges to build a strong pipeline of new leaders.

7Support the development of inclusive leadership succession strategies across the sector.

Collaborate & Activate

Facilitate, support and activate connections across networks and encourage continued and new collaborations between nonprofits, the government and private sectors, in order to inspire systems-change, and to build an inclusive, sustainable, healthy and prosperous Nova Scotia.

1Host, convene and facilitate opportunities for engagement, trust building, cooperation, collaboration and strategic partnerships (e.g. conferences, dialogues, round tables, working groups, consultations, Executive Director (ED) Networks). Continue to be flexible, responsive and strategic in responding to issues raised by the sector.

2Facilitate members of CSCNS to share ideas, information, best practices, space, skills and resources, to partner in joint programming and explore possible program or organizational amalgamations.


Collaborate and partner with other organizations and social movement groups who share a vision of a collaborative, networked ecosystem (e.g. Inspiring Communities, Engage NS, SENNS and others).


Research the eco-system through network mapping, academic partnerships (CLARI) and collaborative work with others committed to fostering networks across systems levels (e.g. with the Ontario Nonprofit Network and Imagine Canada).


Ensure that youth/change makers, senior/elders, historically disenfranchised communities, newcomers and all those passionate about making a difference in the emerging networks, are included and have a powerful voice in the meaning making and planning processes.

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The second priority is a commitment on the part of the CSCNS to partner in the facilitation and activation of these emerging networks. While the CSCNS has an existing network of convenors across the province, it will evolve how it works with the sector. This will allow for greater impact, flexibility and effectiveness and to find partners in order to model a spirit of abundance and possibility that is inclusive and empowering.

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The final priority is in response to clear and strong feedback from the sector that they want to see the CSCNS give voice to the issues, contributions, opportunities and challenges facing the sector. The 2020 report prepared by APEC was recognized as important and helpful. Policy implications grounded in evidence collected by an independent research group helps the sector be seen for both its incredible contributions but also its growing precariousness. The CSCNS can play a part in ensuring that the sector is heard, valued and supported in policy and practice, particularly in times of uncertainty and disruption.

Advocate & Celebrate

Lead, champion, celebrate, give voice to, and advocate for, the sector.

1Research the sector, access volunteers and people to work in and lead the sector.

2Create a dashboard or visual progress report to communicate the challenges and opportunities for the sector and track trends over time (e.g. bi-annual workforce surveys).

3Liaise, bridge and act as a conduit between the sector and government and potential funders (conduct consultations, issue reports, host round tables and working groups, promote SkillsOnlineNS, etc.)

4Contribute to policy discussions, share the economic impact of the sector, shape emerging workforce strategies and communicate broadly about the sector through reports, social media strategies, advocacy and story telling.

5Develop recognition events and awards for outstanding leaders in the sector (to be developed by the sector but might include recognition for most inclusive, innovative, collaborative, etc.)

6Partner to communicate accomplishments, aspirations, concerns and contributions of the sector. Work in strategic partnerships provincially, nationally and internationally to ensure that nonprofits, volunteer and social enterprise voices are heard.

7Build the membership of the CSCNS. Understand and respond to the needs of members through listening, convening and consulting.

How We Work

We are a virtual organization with staff working all across the province. Our board & staff team is made up of professionals from various backgrounds all with a passion for Nova Scotia and our communities. Our Regional Convenors each work within their area of the province to identify the needs and issues specific to that region and to deliver programming designed to build capacity, convene conversations, and activate networks for collaboration.

Additionally, our Manager of Learning programs is available to work one-on-one with organizations to consult on specific issues or deliver facilitated programming on a wide range of topics (including strategic planning, board governance, and financial management) unique to your organization.

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CSCNS 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

This report outlines the context of the nonprofit and voluntary sector and the results of the consultation and survey that lead to these priorities. The CSCNS is passionate about building capacity of nonprofit and voluntary organizations, partnering to help activate the growing network of organizational collaborations and leading, championing, celebrating, and giving voice to this critically important sector.

Click below to read our full Strategic Plan Document for 2020-2023.